Even though Resolve provides payment remittance instructions to buyers, there are instances when a buyer may accidentally send a check or deposit payment directly to your business.

When this happens, you should ensure the funds are deposited in your bank account and forward the payment to Resolve. If this does not happen immediately, Resolve will consider the invoice to be unpaid and will continue to send payment reminders to the buyer.


  1. When you receive payment directly from the buyer, ensure that it's deposited in your bank account.

  2. To notify Resolve the invoice has been paid, log into your merchant dashboard, find the invoice, and select Forward payment to Resolve.

  3. Enter full payment amount the buyer for this specific invoice. Resolve will automatically calculate the amount to debit.

  4. If the buyer is paying multiple invoices, enter the amount that should be applied to the invoice. For example, the buyer sent $300 to pay for 2 invoices ($200 and $100). For Invoice #1, you would enter $200 and for Invoice #2, you would enter $100.

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