What should you charge to your merchant line?
Your merchant line of credit lets you access capital from Resolve without onboarding your customer to a Resolve buyer line. Many of our customers find the merchant line useful for getting paid on buyers who are unwilling or unable to set up a Resolve buyer line.

Please note that your merchant line is for getting paid on invoices to your customers; you cannot charge invoices owed by you to a third party to your Resolve merchant line. 

Charge an invoice to your merchant line
Charging an invoice is very similar to charging an invoice to your buyer line. Simply add an invoice to Resolve and then choose "Merchant line" from the Credit Line dropdown when you go to finance it.

Review charges to your merchant line
Use the Financing tab in your merchant dashboard to review the invoices that you have charged to your merchant line. You can also see your total available merchant line credit, your merchant line balance, and merchant line credit limit.

Make a payment on your merchant line
To make a payment, direct your customer to use one of the following options:

Make a check payable to your business, write the invoice number in the memo, and send the check to:

Your Business's Name

PO Box 7587

San Francisco, CA 94120-7587 Pay via

ACH bank transfer:

Bank name: First Republic Bank

Routing #: 321081669

Account #: 80007951694

You may also pay down your line directly using either of the two methods above. You can view this information at any time by clicking "How to pay" on your merchant dashboard.

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