What happened to pre-approvals?
You'll find pre-approvals under the new Actions menu on your customer detail pages. (Note: as always, if a customer has already been approved or applied directly then the option to pre-approve will not be available.)

What is a credit assessment?
A credit assessment is a tool in your merchant dashboard to unlock the power of Resolve for understanding your buyers' credit risk. 

A credit assessment breaks your customer's overall creditworthiness into categories and provides estimates from Resolve on whether the customer is high, medium, or low risk in each category (if we have enough data in our system). You'll also get a credit assessment each time you submit a customer for buyer line pre-approval.

I'm seeing a dash in some of the categories in my assessment (as in the image above). What does that mean?
A dash in your credit assessment means Resolve did not have enough data to provide an assessment in that category.

How many credit assessments do I have left?
On the customer page for any customer eligible for a credit assessment, you can click the "Actions" menu to see how many credit assessments you have left.

When do my credit assessments refresh?
We refresh your supply of credit assessments every 30 days. Unused assessments from your last cycle do not carry over.

Does getting a pre-approval cost me a credit assessment?
Resolve provides a credit assessment with each pre-approval, so each pre-approval now costs a credit assessment. 

What data goes into a credit assessment?
We combine data from third-party sources and public records with our internal database to give you the best assessment possible of your customer.

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