What is Resolve Payment Portal?
Resolve Payment Portal is a new way to get paid on your invoices--whether you take an advance on them with Resolve or not.

How do my customers access the Payment Portal?

To send your customers to the Payment Portal, go to an invoice page in Resolve and choose "Send payment request" from the actions menu. Then, you can either send your customer the standard payment request email shown to you or copy the link at the bottom of the modal window and email it to your customer.

Are all my invoices eligible for the Payment Portal?

All your invoices are eligible for the Payment Portal except those invoices that already have a payment recorded on them from a synced QuickBooks account.

What will my customers see?

The link in the payment request email will take your customer to the Payment Portal page, which looks like the image below. (Copy your own custom link from the "Send payment request" page in order to preview your own Payment Portal page in your browser.)

Can I accept credit card via the Payment Portal?
We only support ACH and check for invoices you have not taken an advance on. Your buyers can pay with credit card via the Payment Portal if you have taken an advance on the invoice.

Can my customer "push" me an ACH? Or does Resolve need to pull from my customer via ACH debit?

Your customer can "push" you an ACH. They will see the bank information for this push under "Transfer" in the Payment Portal.

When will I get my funds?

After your customer pays Resolve, you will get paid in 2-3 business days.

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