What does archiving do?
Archiving hides customer and invoice records from your day-to-day workflows in Resolve. When a customer is archived, their invoices are archived as well. Users cannot create new invoices for archived customers and archived invoices are no longer eligible to be charged to Resolve.

Why should I use archiving?
Use archiving to remove duplicate customer and invoice records. You can also use it to remove records you created by mistake.

When can I archive customers and invoices?
Customers can be archived when they do not have any unpaid, advanced invoices or open charge requests. If a charge request is open, the charge request must either be accepted/declined by the customer or canceled by the merchant.

All invoices can be archived except for unpaid, advanced invoices.

How do I archive a customer?
Go to the Customers tab in the merchant dashboard and choose the options menu on the customer you want to archive.

How do I archive an invoice?
Go to the Invoices tab in the merchant dashboard and choose the options menu on the invoice you want to archive.

What happens to a customer's invoices when I archive that customer?
All invoices that have never been charged to Resolve or have been charged to Resolve and paid are archived.

Can I unarchive?
Yes. Just navigate to the "Archived" tab on either your Customers or Invoices page and click the "Unarchive" button.

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