How do I get started with Advance Pay?

Read our overview on Advance Pay.

Can I review my customer's credit decision before they see it?

Yes! When a customer is credit decisioned by Resolve, you'll be notified of the credit limit and advance rate. Click "Finalize credit" customer to finalize your customer's offer before it goes out to them. You can view the "Action required" sub-tab on your Customers tab to see all the customers who need their credit finalized.

What are advance rates?
Advance rates are the percentage of a given invoice that Resolve can pay you immediately. Advance rates are set by Resolve's credit team based on an aggregation of data from third-party sources and Resolve's internal databases. Each of your customers who is approved by Resolve has an advance rate assigned to it in addition to a credit limit.

What range of values can an advance rate take?
Resolve currently sets initial advance rates ranging from 50% to 90%.

Why doesn't Resolve just set the advance rate at 100% for every buyer?
Resolve's goal is to optimize merchants' growth, cash flow, and efficiency. To do this, we need to approve your buyers for larger credit lines than they will find anywhere else. By advancing you a percentage of each invoice, we are able to both maximize the size of the lines you can offer your customers and get you the capital you need to manage your cash flow while not wasting your money on excessive credit usage.

How much do advances cost?
Resolve withholds a merchant discount rate (MDR) from each advance. These rates are the same for all of your customers (regardless of advance rate) but are only applied to the amount advanced to you.

What invoices qualify to be advanced?

See invoice qualification rules.

Are my interests aligned with Resolve?
Advance rates fully align Resolve's interests with those of our merchants and our merchants' customers. We only succeed when you and your customers succeed by making sales, building credit, and optimizing cash flow.

What happens if my buyer pays early?

If Resolve receives early payment from the buyer, that means you'll be paid early as well.

What happens if my buyer doesn't pay?
If your buyer doesn't pay, then you keep what was advanced to you. However, be aware that Resolve's credit model updates continuously based on payment history across buyers.

If we're having issues getting payment on the invoice, we'll notify you and will forward their account to our collections network. After Resolve has recouped its advanced amount, we will forward you net recoveries.

Can my buyer pay me directly?
No. Payments on an invoice must be made through Resolve if you take an advance on the invoice. 

When do I get paid my advance? When do I get the rest?
You'll receive your advance typically 1-2 business days after activating an invoice with financing in Resolve. The balance of what is owed to you is paid out when your customer pays Resolve. Resolve starts paying you out the rest as soon as Resolve has recouped the amount of its advance via payments from your buyer. So, if your buyer pays early, you get paid early.

What determines the advance rate for a given customer?
The advance rate for a given customer is determined by many factors, including but not limited to:

  • Third-party data sources, such as credit bureaus, on your customer

  • Resolve's internal data on buyer payment behavior, including payment behavior from similar customers

  • The customer's payment history, if any, with Resolve

  • Industry and macroeconomic considerations

Can I require a personal guarantee on my buyer?

No, Resolve does not currently support requiring personal guarantees.

Can my customer qualify for higher advance rates if they pay on-time?

Yes, Resolve can consider increasing advance rates to customers based on payment history.

Can I require my customer to pay a deposit?

Yes, you can require your customer to pay a deposit. However, Resolve advances based on the amount of the invoice outstanding.

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