If you offer different net terms to specific customers, you can save these settings in Resolve. In doing so, invoices will default to the customer's net terms rather than your merchant account's standard terms offering. This is particularly useful for e-commerce checkouts where invoices are automatically advanced.

For example, you offer Net 30 by default to your customers. However, for your largest customer, you'd like to offer Net 60. Each time this customer places an order, Resolve will remember that they have Net 60 terms.

Getting started

New customers

When you create a new customer, you'll have a chance to select which net terms you'd like to offer your customer.

If you don't need to override the your account's default net terms offering, we recommend selecting the "Default" option, so that Resolve will use your merchant account's standard terms settings. This way, if you were to change your standard account-wide terms from Net 30 to Net 60, your customers with "default" terms will automatically get Net 60.

Existing customers

If you edit a customer record, you can configure a customer's net terms settings.

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