What is Simplified Buyer Onboarding?

Simplified Buyer Onboarding is a new experience for your buyers using Resolve. It allows you to onboard new customers and get all the benefits of selling to them through Resolve without requiring them to onboard Resolve as a payee or fill out a Resolve credit application.

How does Simplified Buyer Onboarding differ from the way I use Resolve now?

A few aspects of Resolve are different with Simplified Buyer Onboarding:

  • Your buyers can get fully approved without completing the Resolve buyer application. You'll be able to submit customers for full approval from your merchant dashboard. This process replaces your existing pre-approval flow and allows your customers to be fully approved without completing the buyer application. Once approved, they'll just need to confirm that they have updated their payment remittance information to pay through Resolve.

  • White label invoices. The "payable to" field on your invoices sent through Resolve will make the invoice payable to your business. As stated above, your customers will still pay through Resolve. We'll pass their payments through to you as always.

  • White label emails. The emails we send your customer to welcome them to Resolve will be fully white label, written from the perspective of your business, and sent from "[your name] via ResolvePay.com." We only introduce Resolve-branded emails if we need to step in during collections processes.

  • White label buyer portal. Your customers' buyer portal will not contain references to Resolve.

  • Pay as guest. Your buyers will be able to pay through Resolve without creating an account.

Example White Label Email

Can I still add customers to Resolve by asking them to complete my buyer application?

Yes! Your buyers can still apply for credit using the application link we provide to you on the Marketing page of your Merchant Dashboard.

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