What does it mean to enroll a customer?

Enrolling a customer confirms their credit line, advance rate and lets you start sending invoices with net terms.

Once you have submitted a customer for credit checking and received the results:

  • Enroll a customer: this action confirms their credit line amount and advance rate

  • Send their first invoice: immediately after enrolling, you can send an invoice with net terms

  • Customer confirmation: your customer confirms their contact information, acknowledges updated payment remittance information, and accepts their first invoice

Enroll the customer
In the "Ready to enroll" tab, select "Enroll" to get started.

What happens after you confirm a customer's enrollment?
Once you select "Confirm" to enroll your customer, the status is updated to Enrollment Pending.

The next step to complete enrollment is to send the customer their first net terms invoice.

What does your customer see when you send their first invoice?

They will receive an email notification indicating a new invoice with net terms is ready, pending confirming their accounts payable email and accounts payable phone number. They will also need to confirm that they have updated their AP system to pay you through Resolve.

Once complete, the customer's status will update to Enrolled and any invoices sent will be immediately confirmed. To see how it works, watch the video walkthrough.

Your customer will also have the option to create an account if they want to view their payment history, save payment methods, and manage their account with you via your online portal.

How is this experience branded?

The experience is merchant-branded and "powered by Resolve." Your customers continue to receive invoices payable to you and can even send checks payable to you via the Resolve lockbox if they choose to pay by check.

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